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March 21, 2017

Independent verification of signed documents is so important.  We know it is one of the key reasons people choose Secured Signing. It is the reason Secured Signing uses a personal PKI digital signature for every document signed. The signed document contains everything needed to verify the document is authentic and reliable. We don’t need to keep a copy of your document so we don’t.

But accidents happen and on occasions people can forget to save their signed document somewhere safe. Secured Signing now provides the option to keep an online or cloud based archive of all signed documents.

It’s your choice to enable the cloud archive option. In My Settings it is simply a case of turning on the cloud storage option.  For enterprise accounts you can choose to enable cloud storage for all accounts or just some.

With cloud storage enabled, when the singing process is complete and the document is removed from Secured Signing, a copy will be saved to the cloud. We use a specialised service provider for the storage and documents are held in an encrypted format for peace of mind.

The My Documents page provides a complete history of all the document you have added to Secured Signing. It shows you a summary for each document and the option to display the log or audit trail for each document. If you enable cloud storage, you will also be able view the signed document.

The optional cloud storage service is offered to Secured Signing customers at no additional cost.

Another great option to ensure you never lose a signed document is to setup a default completion recipient. Adding your records team as the default completion recipient means that Secured Signing will send them a copy of all signed documents automatically without you having to remember. You may also be able to use the email address for your recordkeeping system as the completion recipient.

Til next time,

Cheers John


Feb 23, 2017

Welcome to the latest in a series of posts covering the new capabilities of the Summer 2017 release of Secured Signing. This post will cover how you can add a reviewer to the signing process.  

It may be that your manager may need to approve an agreement before it is sent to a supplier to sign. There may also be a need to get approval from the customer's accountant or lawyer before they sign your document. Whatever the specific reason, adding a reviewer into the signing workflow automates the process and ensures you have a record of the approval right in the document log.

My last post talked about adding additional recipients to a signing workflow. Adding a reviewer is simply a case of promoting one, or more, of your notification recipients to be a reviewer. From the invitation workflow screen, enable additional notification recipients and click the View/Manage button. Select your notification recipient and select the Reviewer role for that recipient.  


The reviewer notification recipient will receive an email inviting them to review the document. The Review button or link in the email will take them directly to the document in Secured Signing. Once they have read the document, they have the option to approve or reject the document. Once all reviewers have approved the document, the signing process will commence and invitation will be sent.  

Should the reviewer reject the document, a reason must be supplied. If a document is rejected, the signing process is cancelled and no invitations to sign will be issued. The document owner will receive notification the document has been rejected.

All review activities are recorded in the document log. In the case a document is rejected, this will include the reason for the rejection.

Watch our videos:

·         Adding a Reviewer to Your Signing Workflow -

·         Working with the Notification Recipients / Reviewer Portal -

Making the review process part of the signing workflow means the signing process starts as soon as the review phase completes without the document owner needing to do anything, It is one more way that Secured Signing makes your process quicker and simpler.

'Til next time

Cheers, John


December 16, 2016

As we wish you and you and your family all the best for the holidays and the New Year, it is timely to cast a glance over our shoulder at 2016. 

This year has seen a real focus on building out how the Secured Signing platform works with other systems.  We have a seen a range of new Connectors come on stream including the RDB ProNet and Recruitment Online systems used in the recruitment industry as well as the FinPower Connect loan management system.  As well as these Connectors, our application programming interface or API has been used to power a slew of integrated projects for specific customers. 

The development team also found time to enhance our Smart Tag integration and automation capability.  The addition of Field Smart Tags to the existing Signature Smart Tags means you can now turn your existing forms into Secured Signing forms you can invite your customers to fill and sign online.  

It has been a real pleasure to welcome all our new customers who chose Secured Signing for their online signing needs this year.  To all our customers, a sincere thank you for continuing to use Secured Signing in 2016.  We look forward to the chance to continue to work together in 2017.  Stay tuned for some exciting new capabilities early in the New Year!

’Til then

Happy Holidays!



November 1st, 2016

Ditching your paper and PDF forms for online forms is convenient for customers, great for your business and it has never been easier.

The advantages of online forms are numerous. In this post I'll bring together and summaries the benefits I've written about previously. The links here will take you to previous posts that have focused in more detail on that particular benefit.  So dig in!

Getting a complete form the first time around is the number one advantage of online forms. It means you aren't wasting time chasing up missing details. Secured Signing allows you to identify any form field as required, meaning the person will not be able to sign and submit the form, if that field is not completed. All our form tools including Form Filler, Smart Tag Forms and Form Direct give you the option to make a field required or mandatory.

Online forms also ensure the forms you receive are not only complete, but also correct. Field validation ensures data is in the correct format, like ensuring a phone number field only contains numbers and is exactly 10 digits. Lookup validation is an even more powerful tool to make sure the information in your form is correct.  Examples include looking up BSB data for banking details, or validating addresses. Any Form Direct solution we build for you, can utilise field validation for top quality data.

Online forms also allow you to stop wasting time and effort on data entry.  An integrated Form Direct solution will give you not only a signed form for your records but also update your core business software with the information it contains; no data entry required.  This saves time, wasted effort and removes the potential for keying errors to creep into your database.

More than half of the visitors to your website will be using a mobile device. For these people, downloading and filling out a PDF form simply doesn't work. An online form that can be filled directly in the web browser means everybody can fill and sign your form on any device.

Last month I mentioned you can now use Smart Tags to build forms that work with Secured Signing using the software you are familiar and comfortable with. It is such a simple and powerful way to build forms you can invite your customers to fill and sign online, using just a web browser.

You know your customers hate filling out forms so make it as quick and painless as possible for them. Giving them online forms they can complete on any device at anytime will also give you complete and correct forms the first time around and the option to completely avoid data entry.

You can have your first online forms being filled and signed later today. If you don't have a Secured Signing account, grab a free trial account and try out the Smart Tags and Form Filler options.  Get in touch to discuss a Form Direct solution tailored to your specific needs.

'Til next time

Cheers, John


August 1st, 2016

Giving your people a simple way to securely sign documents online is a key capability in equipping them to be mobile and agile. Online signing that delivers a personal, PKI based digital signature is the only way to ensure authenticity and reliability for your signed documents.

In the post industrial world we have the freedom to work wherever we want. At least this is the promise of mobile computing. It is a stark difference to the industrial world where steam engines gave rise to mechanisation. The power of steam reduced the physical load on workers, but the trade-off was you had to go to the machine to be able to work. And thus the factory was born along with the time suck that is commuting. For office workers, paper files, face to face meetings and expensive office equipment were the equivalent of the steam engine forcing people to go to work to be able to work.

Portable computers, the digitisation of our everyday work tasks and the ability to remotely access corporate information systems mean that many people can now do their work wherever they happen to be. Mobility promises flexibility and less time wasted commuting. Yet the vast majority of people are still travelling to increasingly crowded cities, to an office, to work from 9 to 5. There are still a number of reality checks when it comes to realising the promise of mobility.

For some people, the camaraderie and social interaction in their workplace are important. It is also fair to say that management approaches are often still rooted in the industrial context in which they were first devised. Many organisations still have procedures and tools that have not been revised to take full advantage of the computing tools available, mobility in particular.  

Executives may be able to check their email while off site at a meeting or conference, but they need to return to the office to sign any documents that require their approval. Field staff may be able to access corporate data remotely and record inspection details on screen, but they need to return to the office to print and sign an inspection report. Participants in a procurement evaluation may be able to instantaneously collaborate on a selection report, but the final copy will take days to work its way through the internal mail for each of their signatures.

Online signing allows your team to be truly mobile and agile. Personal assistants can invite executive staff to sign documents, wherever they are, to create a true electronic original. Field staff can finalise their work without the overhead of trips back to the office. Teams can finalise reports, bids and other documents without the delays inherent with paper.

Your choice of online signature provider determines the reliability and authenticity of your signed documents.  Secured Signing gives every signer a personal, PKI based digital signature. Their signatures cannot be forged or copied to another document.  Any change to the signed document will invalidate the signature. Online digital signing is as easy as physical signing but gives you the immediacy of an electronic original and the confidence of a signature that can be independently verified offline.

To see how simple it is to sign a document online with the security of a digital signature, try a Secured Signing freeway account. 

Til next time

Cheers, John