eNotary - An all-in-one Electronic + Remote Online Notarization (RON) system built for notaries

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With Secured Signing's eNotary software you can run your own remote notary business with no need to join a marketplace

Deal with your own customers direct, no middleman

Charge your customers whatever you want - we don't charge them

Pay as you go - no large monthly fixed fees or setup costs

Save time and hassle plus increase revenue with digital, paper-free processes that don't require travelling time.

Our Software Can Be Used Remotely or In-Person

In Person Electronic Notarization

Improve your notarization processes by enabling documents to be signed digitally from wherever you meet the customer. Improve security with SMS authentication for signer identity plus signed documents are stored automatically.

Remote Online Notarization

In a quick to setup video conference you can get documents digitally signed and your notary eSeal added. Signing meetings are recorded and stored with the signed document (Notaries don’t like that, no pay no signed document they want control, we have set up for that).
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Easy to use, all-in-one software with customizable features to perform notarizations how you want
Remote Online Notarization (RON)
Secure Document Signing
Get documents or bundles of documents signed using our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption software. This security ensures that any changes made to the document after signing, invalidates the signature.
Electronic Notarization - eNotary
Live Video Signing Session (RON)
Host a 30-minute (or more) live video signing session to perform document signing and notarization. A video + audio recording of the signing session is then added to the document.
Tamper-Evident Technology
Digital Notary Stamp / Seals
Easily upload your Notary eSeal to use and your graphical signature. Automatic notifications when the Notary Commission expires will also ensure you upload your latest Notary seal when required.
Easy Identification
2-Factor Authentication
To provide even stronger confidence in the identity of the person signing the declaration you can enable 2-factor authentication which uses a unique code sent via SMS to the signer.
Easy Notary’s Seal and Signature Upload
Digital Signature Certificates
Secured Signing can issue X509 certificates for free as part of the signing process. However, some states require a Federal Bridge Certificate. You can also upload your own certificate or remote connect to use your own. Secured Signing partners with IdenTrust to provide FB Certificate.
Saves Time & Hassle
ID Verification
Automatically checks drivers licenses or passports (US or foreign) in real-time with 50+ forensic tests performed on scanned IDs to authenticate them and ensure they are correct & valid.
Easy Identification
KBA Authentication
Ask the signer a series of questions about their identity and personal history and checks against a database automatically. Signer must answer at least 80% of the questions correctly to proceed. If they fail they can’t take the Q&A again with the same Notary within 24 hours.
Easy Notary’s Seal and Signature Upload
Electronic Notary Journal
Includes a full Electronic Notary Journal that allows notaries to collect the same information as they would in a paper-based journal that is accessible by the notary at any time and which can be exported to PDF or Excel.
Saves Time & Hassle
Facial Recognition Match
Ensures signers are the person shown in the ID. Signers take a quick selfie which is checked with facial recognition software against ID photo to verify a match, detect liveness and provide a confidence score.
Our tamper-evident technology ensures document security, data integrity & non-repudiation. Whether it's our PKI X509 Digital Signature encryption, our audiovisual recordings of the settlement or the detailed audit logs we ensure you and your client are protected.
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No large setup or ongoing fees - just pay for the features you need, as you need them

Single User Plan

USD $ 9.95/mo
Monthly access fee

Team Plan

USD $ 9.95/mo
USD $ 7.95/mo
for additional notaries (up to 10)

Bulk User

Enterprise and Custom plans for high volume documents, notarizations and notaries.
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Then simply pay for as many notarizations as you need each month.

In Person Electronic Notarization


USD $ 1.15 per notarization
(average cost)
Average electronic notarization includes 1 document, 1 SMS confirmation and 1 notary seal. See full pricing breakdown below.

Remote Online Notarization


USD $ 10 per notarization
(average cost)
Average RON includes 1 document for 1 client, 1 notary stamp, a 30-minute video session, KBA and ID verification. See full pricing breakdown below.
Customers pay nothing on top of these rates. You can add this fee onto your own customers invoices.
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Secured Signing's eNotary Platform is built for:
  • Notary – Business and Individual
  • Title Agencies
  • Signing Agencies
  • Mortgage Brokers
  • Real Estate Agencies
  • Businesses with inhouse Notary
  • And any other who is in Notary business

Here's what notaries think of remote notarization:

Secured Signing designed from scratch the ability for me to complete digital Notarial Certificates that are acceptable internationally and to our Department of Internal Affairs.

Secured Signing has now introduced digital signing to the Webforms precedent documents that is opening the way for more efficient completing of legal documents.

- D B (Don) Thomas (Director), Lawyer & Notary Public

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Legal around the world and in the following US states:
South Dakota
North Dakota
New Jersey
West Virginia
New Mexico
New York
North Carolina
Rhode Isalnd
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