Video Signing

video signing

When you're getting serious documents signed digitally, it's legally important that you can identify who's signing, prove their intent & ensure document integrity.

Secured Signing solves all three areas with video signing. In a live, real-time video call between two (or more) parties, identities can be verified, documents can be explained to ensure non-repudiation and documents can then be securely digitally signed using PKI encryption which ensures any future changes to the document will invalidate signatures.

Our video signing solution is simple and easy to use from anywhere in the world and on any device with no additional video conferencing required. Final signed documents, session recordings and a full audit log are emailed and can be stored in cloud storage or CRM systems automatically.

Some of the features and benefits include:

  • Real-time live video signing for serious document signing.
  • Full recording of signing session + audit log and time stamps attached to final signed document.
  • Collaborate and negotiate and make document amendments live during the video call before signing.
  • Invite witnesses to attend video conference and allow them to also sign the document during the meeting.
  • Ensure document integrity through PKI encrypted digital signatures which invalidate the document if changes are made after signing.
  • Increase legal compliance by better identification of the signee with identification cards displayed during the call.
  • Ensure non-repudiation of signed documents through video recordings showing intent during the signing.
  • Improve customer experience by allowing signing of documents from anywhere in the world on any device - no need to visit an office or meet in person.
  • Increase speed of signing by walking signees through documents, making adjustments as needed and getting the documents signed correctly every time.

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